ELITEA Release Notes


ELITEA is an innovative web application that revolutionizes how you interact with prompts. Designed as a dynamic workspace, it empowers users to create, organize, and collaborate on prompts like never before.


New Features

  • Agents Framework: Introducing a powerful new feature, Agents, which integrates prompts, datasources, and external toolkits into a unified mechanism. This allows for seamless decision-making and action-taking processes, such as searching on Google or creating Jira tickets directly through the ELITEA platform.
  • Toolkits Available for Agents:
    • Prompt Toolkit: Leverage pre-configured prompts from your ELITEA project to ensure consistent and accurate interactions.
    • Datasource Toolkit: Access structured data from pre-configured datasources, enhancing the Agent's ability to process and analyze information.
    • OpenAPI Toolkit: Integrate with OpenAPI-compliant APIs to expand the Agent's external functionalities and interactions.
    • Browser Toolkit: Equip your Agent with search engine capabilities, enabling access to a vast array of online information.
    • Confluence Toolkit: Integrate content from Confluence to enrich the Agent's knowledge base and improve response accuracy.
    • GitHub Toolkit: Allow your Agent to interact directly with GitHub repositories, enhancing version control and development processes.
    • GitLab Toolkit: Enable direct interaction with GitLab repositories, providing specific project data to support informed decisions.
    • Jira Toolkit: Manage Jira issues and projects directly from ELITEA, streamlining project management and enhancing productivity.
    • Agent Toolkit: Incorporate other pre-configured agents, enabling complex, layered interactions and processes within your projects.
  • Monitoring Enhancements: Enhanced monitoring capabilities allow users to track usage statistics with selectable metrics and timeframes, providing deeper insights into application performance and usage patterns.

Changed Features

  • Brand Transition: Alita has been rebranded to ELITEA. This change reflects our commitment to evolving and enhancing the platform's capabilities, aligning with our vision to provide a more elite and refined experience for our users. All references to Alita in the platform, documentation, and related materials have been updated to reflect this new branding.

Known Issues

  • Database Corruption During Indexing: There is a risk of database corruption if a user searches in one dataset while another is indexing. Workaround: Create a new datasource and reindex the data within it to avoid this issue.
  • Prompt Saving Error: Prompts cannot be saved if the Name field is filled using a copy/paste action that includes leading spaces.
  • Datasources - GIT source Authentication Issue: Authentication using SSH for Git source type in Datasource fails. Workaround: Use the HTTPS option with Username and Password for successful authentication.
  • Agent: Confluence tool - Token Authentication type: Authentication using Token for Confluence tool in Agents fails. Workaround: Use the API key option for successful authentication.

Fixed Issues

  • Deduplication Enhancements: Implemented several fixes and improvements to the deduplication functionality, enhancing data integrity and operational efficiency.
  • Delayed File Finder in ELITEA HUB: Users may experience delays when accessing the file finder in ELITEA HUB.