Alita Release Notes


Alita is an innovative web application that revolutionizes how you interact with prompts. Designed as a dynamic workspace, it empowers users to create, organize, and collaborate on prompts like never before.


New Features

  • IDE Extensions: Added support for Alita Code and Alita Code Chat extensions for both Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEA, enhancing coding efficiency directly from your favorite development environments.
  • QTest Integration: Introduced QTest as a new source type under Datasource→Dataset, allowing for seamless integration and management of testing data.
  • Project Switcher: Implemented a new tool for swiftly navigating between different projects, improving workflow fluidity.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Improved search capabilities, enabling more precise and faster retrieval of information across the platform.
  • Dataset Status Indicators: Enhanced user interface for dataset status:
    • Done: No indicator displayed.
    • Preparing/In Progress: Displays a circular progress indicator using the material default component.
    • Error: Shows a warning icon alongside a closeable warning alert to inform users of issues that need attention.

Known Issues

  • Database Corruption During Indexing: If a user searches in one dataset while another is indexing, there is a risk of database corruption, leading to irreproducible bugs. Workaround: It is recommended to create a new datasource and reindex the data within it.
  • Delayed File Finder in Alita HUB: Users may experience delays when opening the file finder in Alita HUB.
  • Prompt Saving Error: There is an issue where prompts cannot be saved if the Name field is filled using a copy/paste action that includes leading spaces.

Fixed Issues

  • GUI Freezing During Indexing: Resolved an issue where the frontend would freeze when indexing large files in a dataset.
  • Token Expiry Display: Fixed a bug where expired tokens were not marked as Expired in the Configuration tab.
  • Modal Design Issue: Corrected the stretched and improperly displayed design of the Add to collections modal, ensuring it now renders correctly.