Alita Release Notes


Alita is an innovative web application that revolutionizes how you interact with prompts. Designed as a dynamic workspace, it empowers users to create, organize, and collaborate on prompts like never before. This initial version introduces a suite of features aimed at enhancing productivity and creativity in working with prompts.


New Features

  • Create, Modify, and Save Prompts: Users can now create, modify, and save their prompts in a dedicated space, streamlining the prompt management process.
  • Import Prompts: Seamlessly import prompts from Epam AI Dial, the previous version of Alita, ensuring continuity and ease of transition.
  • Version Control: Maintain various versions of prompts in one place, with the capability to effortlessly switch between them.
  • Execution Options: Execute prompts using Chat or Completion options, allowing users to gather and save the output (results) efficiently.
  • Publish and Share Prompts: Publish your prompts and share them with your project and network, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Engage with Published Prompts: Use published prompts and collections, with options to like them and mark them as favorites, enhancing community engagement.
  • Organize with Collections and Tags: Group your prompts into Collections and categorize them with Tags for better organization and accessibility.
  • Advanced Search Functionality: Enhanced search functionality to quickly find your prompts or public prompts and collections with various parameters.
  • Tag-based Filtering: Filter prompts and collections using tags, making it easier to find relevant content.
  • Datasource Configuration: Set up various datasources and configure them to enhance your results and the possibilities in using Generative AI.
  • Embedding Creation: Users can create Embeddings, adding a layer of sophistication to prompt management.
  • Similarity Search and Deduplication: Perform similarity searches and deduplicate content, ensuring the uniqueness and relevance of prompts.

Known Issues

N/A - As this is the initial release, there are currently no known issues. Feedback from users will be invaluable in identifying and addressing future improvements.

Fixed Issues

N/A - This being the first version, there are no previously fixed issues to report.