ELITEA Release Notes


ELITEA is an innovative web application that revolutionizes how you interact with prompts. Designed as a dynamic workspace, it empowers users to create, organize, and collaborate on prompts like never before.


New Features

  • Chat Functionality: Introducing a comprehensive Chat feature that integrates all ELITEA functionalities into a single, cohesive environment for optimal output and collaboration:
    • Public and Private Conversations: Engage openly with project members or conduct private discussions visible only to selected users.
    • Participants: Enrich conversations by adding diverse participants such as users, prompts, data sources, agents, and language models.
    • Interactions: Seamlessly interact with participants, copy responses, and utilize generated content effectively.
    • Conversation Management: Organize your chats by saving, pinning, altering privacy settings, deleting, clearing, or exporting conversation contexts.
    • Playback Feature: Navigate through conversation history with playback controls, allowing you to review without active model engagement.
  • Artifact Toolkit for Agents: A new toolkit that enables agents to save their generated outputs directly as files, enhancing data management and retrieval.
  • Jira Toolkit Enhancements: Introduce a tool to adjust the status of Jira issues directly, streamlining project management tasks.
  • Browser Toolkit Extensions:
    • Single URL Crawler: This tool is designed to crawl data from a specific web page within the Agent's context, making it ideal for targeted data extraction tasks.
    • Multi URL Crawler: Use this tool to crawl data from multiple specified web pages within the Agent's context. It is suitable for broader data gathering operations across various sources.
    • Get HTML Content: This tool allows you to retrieve the HTML content of a specified web page within the Agent's context, providing direct access to the page's structural data.
  • Alita Agent Type: A new agent type that combines the strengths of OpenAI's and Langchain's ReAct approaches for complex, open-ended scenarios. This agent maintains chat history, improving its performance in prolonged interactions.

Changed Features

  • Confluence Toolkit Adjustments: Removed the Create Page and Page Exists tools to streamline functionalities.
  • Browser Toolkit Changes: Removed the Duckduckgo search tool.
  • Agent Type Updates: Declared the Raw agent type as obsolete, now reserved for legacy agents only.
  • Datasource Authentication: Temporarily disabled SSH authentication for GIT sources, recommending HTTPS with Username and Password as an alternative.

Known Issues

  • Confluence Source Filtering: Issues with filtering by Space key and Page IDs. Workaround: Use the filtering by label option.
  • Database Corruption During Indexing: Risk of database corruption if simultaneous actions occur in different datasets. Workaround: Create a new datasource and reindex.
  • Prompt Saving Error: Issues saving prompts if the Name field contains leading spaces from copy/paste actions.
  • GIT Source Authentication: SSH authentication for GIT sources fails. Workaround: Use HTTPS with Username and Password.

Fixed Issues

  • Confluence Tool Authentication: Resolved an issue with Token authentication; users should now use the API key method.
  • GitLab Toolkit: Implemented several fixes to enhance functionality.
  • Browser Toolkit: Added exception handling to operate without a Google CSE ID, ensuring broader accessibility and functionality.